Scuba Diving Prices/Packages/Courses
                                    (prices per person)
                                                             Dive          Rental
                                         Prices         Gear

1  Day  x 2 Tank Dive                               $105                  $10
2 Days x 2 Tank Dive                               $200                 $20
3 Days x 2 Tank Dive                               $290                 $30
4 Days x 2 Tank Dive                               $375                 $40
5 Days x 2 Tank Dive                               $440                 $50

Dive computer available for rent :  $ 20 for the trip

Check-In Time: 8:30am or 9:30am or as needed
(We offer schedules to accommodate all guests, inquire for more info)


Discover Scuba Diving                              $95             included

Snorkeling Trip                                         $40             included

Refresher Dive                                         $75             included

Single Tank Shallow Dive                          $60                     $5

Check-In Time: 1:15 PM or 2:15 PM (final departure 3pm)

Night Dive                                                 $80            included

Prices valid until October 31st, 2017
sea horse during scuba dive st maarten
close up - diving st maarten
fairy basslet - scuba dive on st martin
Dive Prices Include:
PADI Certified Dive Instructors, Boat Captain, with Surface Support Crew at all times, Equipment As Needed, Refreshments and Tax Free !!

Not Included:
Marine Park
pass = $3 per diver/per day, or $15 per season, paid in cash
Scuba Fun PADI Dive Center
Visit the PADI eLearning site
                        PADI Certification Courses
(Includes All Equipment, Instruction, Boat Trips, Taxes!)
Open Water Diver
:                                                  $475
Open Water Diver Kit
Knowledge Development                              

4 Open Water Dives

eLearning Open Water Diver:                                        $390
Confined Water Exercises              
4 Open Water Dives
Log Book

Referral Program: Start at Home, Finish in Paradise!!

4 Open Water Dives = PADI Open Water Diver certification     $340
(Universal Referral - Certify with another Dive Agency Return Home - $305)

2 Open Water Dives = PADI Open Water Diver certification:       $190
(Universal Referral - Certify with another Dive Agency Return Home - $155)

2 Open Water Dives = OW 1+2 (pm) or OW 3+4 (am)               $155
(Scheduling other locations during your trip! Inquire for more info)

Advanced Open Water Diver:                                                                $350
Advanced Open Water Diver Manual
Knowledge Development                              

5 Open Water Dives (Deep/Nav required)
Choose 3 Elective Dives

eLearning Advanced Open Water Diver:                                               $270
5 Open Water Dives (Deep/Nav required)
Choose 3 Elective Dives

Rescue Diver:                                                        $560
Knowledge Development
Confined Water Training

Rescue Exercises and Scenarios
5 Open Water Dives -
1 Student           
2+ students ($460 price per person)  

eLearning Rescue Diver - 1 student                                  $490

eLearning Rescue Diver - 2+ per person                              $410

Emergency First Response:                                           $150
First Aid + CPR / Primary + Secondary Care
Including Care for Children, all with AED

Dive Master                                                                                         $1225
Dive Master Kit
Mentoring/Developing Divemaster Candidate through all PADI Programs and required training, resulting in a professional rating                                                                      
eLearning Dive Master                                                                          $850
PADI Dive Master Application fees - not included

Scuba Diver:                                                         $360
Open Water Diver Kit
Knowledge Development

Confined Water Exercises
2 Open Water Dives
*limited diving depth 40ft with a PADI Professional


Adventure Diver:                                                                                    $250
Knowledge Development                                              
3 Open Water Dives

Not Included:
eLearning fees payable to PADI directly online

Prices Valid until October 31st, 2017